Rectal cancer prevalence, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine

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Rom J Morphol Embryol rectal cancer prevalence 51 3 : Steatosis is present, especially in chronic hepatitis C but also in chronic hepatitis B. Although liver biopsy is the gold standard in determining presence of steatosis, its presence can be determined by ultrasonographic examination as an rectal cancer prevalence screening test.

Our aim in this study was to evaluate the presence of steatosis in chronic hepatitis B and C, to determine its frequency in both hepatitis type, and to explore possible relationships between presence of steatosis, lipid metabolism disorders and viral etiology.

Our study lot included 66 patients, 36 subjects with chronic rectal cancer prevalence C, and 30 with chronic hepatitis B.

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We only encountered significant levels of steatosis in the chronic hepatitis B sub-group. Ultrasound reports of hepatic steatosis were particularly associated with histological inflammation, as well as fibrosis; however, the sensitivity and specificity of steatosis on ultrasound was poor when compared to steatosis on biopsy.

Hepatic steatosis was significantly more frequent in chronic hepatitis C than in chronic hepatitis B.

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Severe inflammation and advanced fibrosis were more rectal cancer prevalence found in HCV-infected patients with steatosis than in patients without steatosis.