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The name of the initial course was Medical Psychology, which was later changed into Health Psychology and Communication with the patient.

The blunt abdominal trauma and pelvic fractures with hemodynamic instability, Bartos L.

Psychosomatics optional course was also added and in the discipline of Human Behavior Sciences was introduced. The activity of the Medical Psychology discipline has experienced a continuous development and diversification, in agreement with the requirements of European training and also with the specifics of the health system gastric cancer tnm 2020 Romania.

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Education in the areas of Medical Psychology and related  are currently targeting a number of approximately students per year, of which about are schooled in English. Sinceunder de coordination of dr.

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Ovidiu Popa-Velea, the Circle of Psychology has been functioning, its activity resulting in the production of scientific papers, licence papers, projects and conducting workshops on curricular and extracurricular interest.

The general interest of our discipline is directed towards the psychopathological effects of the psychic stress and psychotrauma to health. Several priority objectives of study include the quality of life and personality disorders of patients having different somatic diseases with an important contribution of psychic factor psychosomatic diseases and disordersas well as the psychological aspects of the doctor-patient relation.

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  • UMF Tg.

As sources of information and related documentaries for courses and practical work, the following have been created: - Medical Psychology — Theoretical Bases and practical applications for doctors and psychologists O.

Popa-Velea under redaction ofL.

gastric cancer tnm 2020 giardioză gastrică

Diaconescu, Gastric cancer tnm 2020. Popa-Velea, L. Diaconescu, A.

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Mihailescu, M. Pana, C.

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TruALescu, M. Jidveian Popescu, A.

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Popa-Velea, C. TruALescu, L.

The chick embryo chorioallantoic membrane in the study of tumor angiogenesis D.

Cioca, A. Mihailescu UMF Congress with international participation, - Psychological and hormonal markers of distress in healthy undergraduate medical students A.

Gastric Cancer

Mihailescu, L. Totan, O.


Mihailescu - Medical Education Days — Art-therapy in medical practice: theoretical basis, indications and limits O. Popa-Velea, M.

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Petrisan - Congress for Students and Young Doctors — Psychotherapy: indications, challenges, limits. Applications in hypnosis and family therapy O.

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Trutescu, G. Popa-Velea, A.