Anemia what to eat

If you are iron deficient, there may be less haemoglobin in your blood and you may look pale.

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If you pull your lower eyelid down, the colour of the lining should be a rich, red colour. If it is a very pale peach colour or yellow, this may indicate that you have iron deficiency or iron deficiency anaemia. Cracks and Ulcers in Your Mouth Iron deficiency can also cause the appearance of sore, red, flaky cracks at one or both of the sides of your mouth.

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Mouth ulcers are sore white patches on the inside your mouth. There are many reasons why you might have mouth ulcers, including biting the inside of your anemia what to eat, stress and being run-down, but another reason could be iron deficiency.

Did You Know - Foods That Help Reduce Iron Deficiency Anemia

Craving to Eat Non-Food Items Craving certain foods from time to time is normal, especially during pregnancy. However If you have cravings to eat ice or non-food items such as clay, dirt, ash, and starch this could be a sign of iron deficiency.

Hair Loss It is natural for some hair to fall out when you are washing or combing it, but if you are losing clumps of hair, or more hair anemia what to eat normal, it could be caused by iron deficiency.

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Increasing your iron levels could stop or reduce your hair loss. Spending a lot of time with your hands in water or using some nail polishes can lead to brittle nails, but brittle nails can also be a sign of iron deficiency.

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These are nails that are dipped in the middle and raised at the edges to give a rounded appearance like a spoon. Iron helps your blood deliver oxygen around the body, and feeling irritable or dizzy may be a sign that your brain is not getting enough oxygen.

Headache Headaches can occur for many reasons such as colds, being dehydrated or eyesight problems.

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Repeated headaches could also be a sign of iron deficiency. Iron is needed by your body to maintain a healthy immune system. If you are iron deficient, your blood may not contain enough oxygen for your muscles to do normal activities such as walking.

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Your body tries to make up for this by increasing your breathing rate to get more oxygen into your body, and by increasing your heart rate to help move the oxygen around your body. Restless Leg Syndrome Restless leg syndrome is a disturbing need to move your legs when resting, for example when you are in bed.

Anemia what to eat

This distressing feeling anemia what to eat goes away when you move your legs. It is possible to have restless leg syndrome but not be iron deficient, but if you are iron deficient you are nine times more likely to experience restless leg syndrome than the general population.

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Likewise, you may have an uncomfortably dry mouth even if you have been drinking plenty of liquids. Explorador de sintomas de deficiência de ferro.

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anemia what to eat